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200kN.m heavy load motor drive equipment power test bench, Huofa Anwei
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200kN.m large load motor drive equipment power test bench, the goods are released!
Lanmec Technology's motor test bench can mainly measure the current, voltage, power factor, electric power input by the motor; output torque, speed, power, and efficiency. Temperature, vibration, noise, etc. It can load and measure the motor under test. Equipped with a power feedback unit, it can save power by 50-70% during use!
Lanmec Technology Professional manufacturer of various test benches! "Your satisfaction is our constant pursuit"!
Non-standard customization, what suits you is the most important thing! Lanmec Technology is worthy of your trust!

Lanmec official website:, welcome to browse more products of our company! Consultation hotline: 400-111-3688!

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