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Magnetic powder brake, magnetic powder clutch, Pakistan
Motor test bench, Suzhou
DW25 Eddy Current Dynamometer, Thailand
Pneumatic bolt drill test bench, Xuzhou
Motor-to-drag test bench, Taiyuan University of Technology
HZ50.JQ hysteresis brake, South Korea
2000N.m Actuator test bench, Tianjin
600N.m Actuator test bench, Chengdu
Motor test bench, Changzhou
Servo motor test bench, Guangdong
HZ100AJG hysteresis brake, Taiwan
Motor pair drag test bench, Yancheng
60kN.m fork type pneumatic (hydraulic) actuator torque test bench, Chongqing
2 sets of actuator test benches, Wuhan
4 sets of motor test benches, Beijing
Motor test bench, Ningxia University
Engine test bench, Shenzhen
4 sets of actuator test benches, Shanghai
Module test bench (magnetic powder brake), Suzhou
Reducer test bench, Jinan
200KN.m high-load motor drive equipment power test bench, Hefei, Anhui
Two sets of reducer test benches, Hangzhou, Zhejiang
Exported to Canadian Shield Company, Canada
10000n. M actuator test bench, Zhejiang
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