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 TS-2000 Torque speed power acquisiton instrument
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Overall dimension:280*145*110(L*W*H)(mm)

Hole size(mm):271*93

TS-2000 torque speed power acquisiton instrument uses hysteresis brake or a magnetic powder brake as a damping load ,and use a tension and pressure sensor, photoelectric ( or magnetoelectric ) rotational speed sensor as a detection componment ,can colleect torque,speed  and power of the power machine. The instrument comes with a  display screen to display the measurement results ,and is equipped with a standard serial interface of RS485 (or RJ45 network interface ) to communicate with the computer.

Technical indicators
Accuracy of measurement
Acquisition cycle
Output signa
Output signa
rs485 communication
Torque,speed two relay output
Net interface
Ethernet RJ45 interface
Instrument power supply
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