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 Single-acting double-acting fork type pneumatic actuator test bench
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Equipment name: Single-acting double-acting shift fork pneumatic actuator torque table
Device model: K3-BCCS-10K/20K/30K/40K/90K/15K/30K
Measuring range: 10K/20K/30K/40K/90K/15K/30KN.m

Load range: 5~100%F.S (full scale)

1. System introduction
The test system is composed of torque and speed sensor, test bench, servo hydraulic loading device, actuator installation fixture, servo hydraulic station, test cabinet, industrial chiller, etc. It can change the test fork type pneumatic actuator at will Load, directly measure the output torque, angle and air pressure of the fork-type pneumatic actuator under load and durability.
We configure it as a machine: a set of mechanical part of the test bench (loading device adopts servo hydraulic loading; angle encoder adopts 3600 absolute encoder);
5.5KW servo hydraulic station 1 set
5.2KW industrial chiller 1 set
           Detection cabinet: one set

2. Test parameters:
Load test range: 5~100%F.S, speed ≤200RPM, stroke ±55°

3. Test accuracy:
Torque: ±0.2% F.S Angle: ±0.1° Air pressure: ±0.01MPa
4. Software function:
It can display, save and print each parameter of "Torque, Angle, Air Pressure of the Tested Actuator" and the relationship between each other, and form a report to save and print
It can simulate the opening and closing process of the valve for loading and life test
The maximum torque corresponding to each angle can be measured to generate a curve.
Loading mode: manual, program-controlled loading

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