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Straight trip actuator tester
Pneumatic actuator tester
Fluid actuator tester
Electric actuator tester
Pneumatic wrench tester
100KN•m Hydraulic trogue wrench tester
Thyssenkrupp 5000N•m tracer inertia tester
2000/5000N•m Tracer efficiency test
Thyssenkrupp tracer torgue、Radial force test
Hub motor,center motor test bench
Eddy current brake/magnetic powder brakd/serial motor tester
20KN•m 2500KW motor tester
Tamagawa servo motor drag test deslc
High-speed motor tester
30KN•m DC motor teststand
100KN•m permanent magnetic motor tester
Drilling machine test bench
Worm gear reducer test bench
Hydraulic motor test bench
Heavy truck eddy current brake test bench
Electric vehicle chassis dynamometer
Hydraulic motor test bench
Engine test of unmanned air plane
Changfa Group Joint test system of the front and rear axle
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