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In the extraordinary year of 2020, Jiangsu Lanmec Electromechanical Technology Co., Ltd. will continue to implement the spirit of General Secretary Xi's speech and adhere to seeking truth from facts, emancipating the mind and putting people first. In the fierce market competition, we are not afraid of wind and rain, and we are not afraid of danger. We always adhere to the strategic policy of "strong main business, moderate diversity, excellent service and outstanding brand". In the difficult year 2020, we have achieved excellent results, with the total output value increasing by 23.8% and the profit increasing by 28.5%.

In the extraordinary 2020 novel coronavirus pneumonia, the power of the magnetic powder clutch, the magnetic expansion clutch, the safety chuck, the tension controller and the deviation correction system provided a great deal of contribution to our company in the fight against the new crown pneumonia.

In the extraordinary year of 2020, everyone of us is great, and everyone is in an ordinary position. We have provided a large number of torque and speed sensors and power test equipment for our national defense, military industry, research institutes and major enterprises and institutions. We have developed 2000kN. M torque and speed sensors, wireless transmission torque and speed sensors, 1kHz torque and speed high-frequency acquisition card and other products for robots The harmonic reducer and joint module test bench have achieved mass production. The key research items are 150kn. M fork type pneumatic actuator test bench, 200kn. M straight stroke pneumatic actuator test bench, 12500n. M electric actuator test bench, 1000KN. M worm gear box dynamic torque test bench, 30000rpm high speed motor test bench, 30KN. M hydraulic motor power feedback efficiency life test bench, 3300kW engine test bench Aerospace intelligent manufacturing McLaren / landing gear test bench has been tested and delivered, making outstanding contributions to breaking the foreign monopoly!

In the extraordinary year of 2020, we have won a large number of customers all over the world by virtue of our strong R & D capability, large-scale manufacturing capacity of the whole industrial chain and worry free and timely after-sales service. We have enjoyed a high reputation and return rate in China, the United States, Germany, Italy, Japan, India, Thailand, Malaysia and other countries.

 2021 is the Centennial birthday of the Communist Party of China. The hundred year journey is magnificent, and at the beginning of the century, my heart has been strong for a long time.

 It's just a hundred years of glory to have a great career in mind. We will concentrate on our own products in our ordinary posts, and increase R & D and equipment investment in tension, torque, measurement and control and other subdivided fields. We are confident that Lanmec technology will become the most famous enterprise in these industries in China, and strive to enter the top 10 of global output and sales in 2025!

 The journey is long, only struggle. We have strived through thousands of rivers and mountains. We must continue to struggle, forge ahead and create more brilliant brilliance!

 Thank you for all our staff, new and old customers, suppliers and family members. Thank you for your efforts and support over the years. I wish you all good health, happiness and a better career in 2021!