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 Valve torque test bench
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Valve torque test 1

Valve torque test 2

Valve torque test 3


The valve opening and closing torque test system consists of a torque angle sensor, a pressure sensor, a collection instrument and software, which can collect and display the torque, angle and pressure signals during the operation of the valve on site.


Real-time collection, processing, display, storage of torque, angle, pressure values.

For torque, angle, pressure measurement parameter range, upper and lower limit settings, the alarm value can be set arbitrarily.

Automatically and continuously store test data and test curve or manually store according to user's wishes.

There is a memory function for the setting of various parameters, you only need to enter it once.

With historical data, curve playback function.

The test data and curve can be exported, and the test report can be designed by yourself. The test data, curve,

Report printing.

Technical index:

Torque (N.m) measurement range: 0-600000N.m measurement accuracy: ±0.5%FS

Angle (°) Measuring range: 0-360° Measuring accuracy: ±0.1°

Pressure (MPa) measurement range: 0-120MPa measurement accuracy: ±0.5%FS

The measuring range and measuring accuracy of torque, angle and pressure mainly depend on the sensors used.

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