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 SC-1W series programmable power supply
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      SC - 1 w programmable current steady flow for switch mode power supply, is mainly used to improve the magnetic powder brake and magnetic powder clutch, the eddy current brake, the exciting current of magnetic hysteresis brake, with RS232 serial interface, can communication with the computer, PLC controller.
Work style:
SC - 1 W series programmable power supply has the following three works:
1 "communication".By RS232 (or custom RS485) port receiving computer data command, the output current.
2 "remote control" mode.By external 0 ~ I0V (or custom 0 ~ 5 v) signal control, the output current.
3 "manual" mode."By" manual adjustment potentiometer control, the output current.
SC - IW series programmable current controller with PLC control system, the recommended way of "communication", this could save D/A module of PLC.

Technical indicators:
(1) the input voltage: AC220 \ / plus or minus 20%, 50 hz
(2) the output current: DC0-5 a, 5 a output type)
(3) John voltage: DC0-90 \ / output type (5 a)
(4) the steady flow accuracy: less than 1%
(5) response time: o. 1 s
(6) insulation resistance: 220 \ / input and output: > 10 m Ω
(7) temperature: 50 ℃ below
Humidity of the air (8) : < 85% (25 ℃)

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