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Hysteresis dynamometer, Turkey
Automobile chassis dynamometer, Indonesia
Motorcycle chassis dynamometer, Kenya
Eddy current dynamometer, Vietnam
Reducer test bench, Zhejiang
Magnetic powder clutch, magnetic powder brake, Pakistan
Motor test bench, Xi'an Jiaotong University
Motor test bench, Suzhou
3 sets of actuator test benches, Changzhou
Motor test bench, Shanghai Jiaotong University
Motor test bench, Tianjin
Motor test bench, Taiyuan
Motor test bench, Dongguan
Pitch motor test bench, Shanghai
Motor pair drag test bench, Shenzhen
Fan motor test bench, Hubei
Power feedback type emulsified oil hydraulic motor test bench, Tiandi Make
DW100 Eddy current dynamometer, Mexico
STO/STW100-100*100 chuck, Chile
Two sets of power recovery motor test benches, ABB, Egypt
Hysteresis dynamometer, Korea
Motor test bench, Fujian
Hysteresis Dynamometer, Chongqing
Motor test bench, Nanjing
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