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2 sets of eddy current brakes, Sichuan
8 sets of new ZJ-AF torque sensors, Russia
CWC2000 Eddy Current Dynamometer, France
13kW electric motorcycle/electric vehicle chassis dynamometer, Jiangsu
2000N. m valve test bench, Hunan
CFC Magnetic Particle Dynamometer, India
20kN. m worm gear case durability/damage test bench, Tianjin
Motor test bench, Shanxi
YP380 hydraulic dynamometer, Russia
3500N. m fork type pneumatic actuator torque test bench, Jiangsu
Reducer motor test bench, Shanghai
2 sets of motor test bench, Dalian
YP1900 hydraulic dynamometer, Russia
50N. m ceiling fan motor test bench, Guangdong
Straight stroke actuator test bench, Zhejiang
Motor test bench, Shenzhen
10N. m digital hydraulic cylinder mechanism test bench, Beijing
50000N. m drilling rig test rig, Jiangsu
400N. m drilling rig test stand, Henan
3 sets of motor test bench, Vietnam
DW40 12000 rpm eddy current brake, USA
20000N. m drilling rig test stand, Hebei
YP1900 hydraulic dynamometer, Uzbekistan
Servo motor test bench, Guangdong
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