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 SC-5H automatic tension controller
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SC-5H automatic tension controller adopts LCD display, can choose Chinese and English display, friendly interface and easy to use, can output 0-24V / 4A directly drive magnetic powder clutch, magnetic powder brake; also can output 0-5V, 0-10V signal , Control the inverter, servo motor or other actuators to perform high-precision tension control on the winding system. Can be widely used in papermaking, printing, packaging, textile, printing and dyeing industries.
SC-5H automatic tension controller can be set as a full-automatic tension controller. By installing a tension sensor, a closed-loop control system is formed. (See Figure A)
The SC-5H automatic tension controller can be set with a roll diameter tension controller. Simply install a proximity switch or an encoder to measure the radius of the roll material, and the controller performs tension control based on the roll diameter.

1. 128 × 96 graphic LCD display, Chinese and English display options, friendly operation interface.
2. Can choose fully automatic tension control or roll diameter tension control function.
3. Full digital design, no adjustable potentiometer, simple tension calibration process, accurate, stable and reliable tension measurement.
4. Can receive single / double sensor input signals, adapt to various tension sensors as input signals.
a.Optional micro-displacement tension sensor (input signal range is 200mV, power supply 5V)
   b. Optional strain gauge tension sensor (input signal range is 20mV, power supply 5V)
5.Using the proximity switch to measure the diameter of the coil, it can realize the taper tension control function
6. Optional serial communication function, optional RS485 or RS232 communication interface and PLC, PC to form a distributed system.
7.Using the far-overshooting PID algorithm to ensure that the system has no tension during the start / stop process.
8. With dual-axis switching function and acceleration / deceleration control function.
9. Automatic / manual control mode switch without interference.
10.Parameter password protection to prevent accidental modification.

Specific test items, the two parties negotiate, subject to the technical agreement, technical support 400-111-3688.

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