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 Tongji University Motor Test Bench
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The motor comprehensive performance test bench is mainly used to test the input voltage, input current (AC / DC), input electric power, power factor (AC) of the motor; output torque (rated torque, locked-rotor torque, starting torque, maximum rotation) Moment, etc.), output speed, output mechanical power; efficiency; temperature rise, vibration, noise, etc. Type test and factory test can be carried out to evaluate the comprehensive performance of the motor, and provide accurate parameter basis for the research and development, production, maintenance and field application of the motor. The comprehensive motor performance test bench can test all types of asynchronous motors, synchronous motors, permanent magnet motors, AC motors, DC motors, new energy motors, etc.

This type of motor test bench is mainly composed of the motor under test, torque speed sensor, simulated load (magnetic powder brake, eddy current brake, hysteresis brake, motor, etc.), installation platform, connecting fixture, measurement and control system (instrument, software, etc.), electrical Control system and other components.

The test process can be loaded manually or automatically, the test results can generate customized test reports, curve charts, etc., the process data can be generated in Word, Excel, or PDF format files, and the data can be saved, edited, and printed. The test system interface is simple, easy to upgrade and maintain. The company trains the operating personnel free of charge to provide guidance for use and maintenance.

Users can choose test items according to specific requirements:

Efficiency test

Load test

Locked rotor test

No-load test (calculation of three-phase current unbalance)

Temperature rise test (vibration, noise, etc.)

DC resistance measurement (calculation of three-phase resistance unbalance)

Insulation resistance measurement

Power frequency withstand voltage test

Turn-to-turn voltage test

Groove torque test

Specific test items can be communicated or customized by both parties, technical support phone 400-111-3688.

On behalf of customers: ABB, Siemens, Tamagawa, Aerospace Science and Industry, Jiamusi Motor Factory, etc.

Lanmec Technology's various test benches, dynamometers and other customers are located in aerospace, aviation, ship parking, weapons, petroleum, scientific research units, colleges and universities, testing institutions, etc., and are exported to the United States, Germany, Italy, Turkey, Chile and India Country, welcome to call us!

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