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 Automobile chassis dynamometer
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Chassis dynamometer is mainly used to test the performance of gasoline and diesel vehicles, electric vehicles, gasoline and diesel motorcycles, electric motorcycle trailers and other motor vehicles such as dynamic performance, multi-condition emission indicators, fuel indicators and other performance indoor bench test equipment. The road surface is simulated by the roller, and the loading device is used to simulate the loading, so as to realize the accurate simulation of the various working conditions of the motor vehicle, as well as the simulation of the resistance and the moment of inertia when accelerating and sliding. The torque and speed of the chassis dynamometer are measured by the corresponding sensors. It can be used for the loading test of the motor vehicle and assist in the debugging of the performance of the motor vehicle at various stages; it can be equipped with an exhaust gas analyzer, a smoke meter, etc., for comprehensive measurement Vehicle exhaust emissions under different operating conditions of motor vehicles, etc.

      The chassis dynamometer is easy to use, reliable in performance, and not affected by external conditions. On the premise of not disassembling the car, the performance of the power system of the motor vehicle can be detected accurately and quickly. Chassis dynamometer can be used for automobile scientific test as well as maintenance test.

      This type of chassis dynamometer is mainly composed of the motor vehicle under test, torque and speed sensors (force sensors, speed sensors, etc.), simulated loads, installation platforms, connecting fixtures, measurement and control systems (instruments, software, etc.), electrical control systems, and wind resistance simulation System, exhaust gas analysis system, driver assistance system, safety assistance system, etc.

The test process can be loaded manually or automatically. The test results can generate customized test reports, curve charts, etc., the process data can be generated in Word, Excel or PDF format files, and the data can be saved, edited, printed, etc. The interface of the test system is simple, easy to upgrade and maintain. The company trains operators for free, and provides instructions for use and maintenance.

Users can choose test items according to specific requirements:

◇Dynamic performance test (torque, speed, horsepower, etc.)

◇Fuel consumption (power consumption) test

◇Emission and exhaust gas analysis test

The specific test items can be communicated or customized by both parties, and the technical support phone number is 400-111-3688.

      Lanmec Technology's various test benches, dynamometers and other customers cover aerospace, aviation, shipyards, weapons, petroleum, scientific research institutions, colleges and universities, testing institutions, etc., and are exported to the United States, Germany, Italy, Turkey, Chile, India, etc. Country, please call us!

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